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Japan's smartphone 'zombies' turn urban areas into human pinball

When the lights change at the scramble crossing near Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, one of the world’s busiest crosswalks, hundreds of people with their eyes glued to smartphone screens pick their way through the throng. Despite being engrossed in their phones, playing the latest installment of Candy Crush or chatting with ...

Support for working women on rise, Cabinet poll finds

Nov 2, 2014

Support for working women on rise, Cabinet poll finds

An opinion poll by the Cabinet Office says that public support for having women work is rising, giving momentum to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s campaign to increase female participation in the workforce. Of the respondents, 49.4 percent opposed the notion that husbands should work ...

Nov 1, 2014

Gender gap in Japanese labor market still significant: OECD

In Japan, women still receive lower wages than men and a high proportion of them are working part-time, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Friday. Japan’s proportion of female part-timers is 25 percentage points higher than its male part-timers, and the gender ...